Take time this Christmas

A social media post being shared widely at the moment includes a message from a teacher in which she explains that the memories children share on their return to school after the festive break are centred around the time they spend with their family and friends, not the gifts that they open on Christmas morning.

This reminds me of the message my mother gave to my sister when my nephew and niece were born: “The most important gift you can give to a child, apart from love, is time.”

This Christmas, take time to browse through this review and remember all that your child has achieved over the last term. Take time to celebrate their unique personality, achievements and talents. Take time to look forward and share their smallest next steps as well as their wildest dreams. Take time together.

With best wishes for a happy Christmas and a successful 2019.

Mrs Helen Schofield


50 Years of Copthill School

In 2019 Copthill will be celebrating its 50th Anniversary with a variety of exciting events for everyone from pupils, parents (past and present), old Copthillians and staff (past and present)! The celebrations started a little early this week, with an extensive tree planting program which coincides with with National Tree Week.

All 300 pupils will be planting and naming their own tree over the coming weeks, with the aim of generating a new wood here at Copthill, for future generations of pupils to continue to enjoy their outdoor curriculum into the coming decades. It's very reassuring to see how enthusiastic the children are about planting for the future. It will be their children who may be at Copthill in the years to come enjoying the joys of this new wood!

The Directors are all looking forward to an exciting year ahead but in the meantime, we would like to wish you all a very Happy Christmas. Enjoy this little festive footage!

Mr Jonathon Teesdale