We’re all skipping and stampeding to the end of term!

“If life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” We are finding lots of extra positives for sport at the moment; being allowed to continue delivering lessons while external clubs had to close makes our work even more vital than ever for our children’s physical development and enjoyment. Our annual House Stampede event was able to go ahead with a few small changes and it made for two gorgeous afternoons of our children being in the outdoors, physically active and representing their Houses. Perfect! Mrs Teesdale Snr came out to start each of the races from a distance and loved watching the running talent we have across the years. The children really did themselves proud. The House Captains also had a chance to wear their new t-shirts and did a wonderful job warming the teams up and supporting and encouraging runners around the course. Our winners this year were Casewick for Year 3, Burghley for Year 4 and Lindsey for Years 5 and 6. It was wonderful to see three of the Houses pick up a win. With the sad absence of competition against other schools, we have created our own weekly programme of fixtures involving the U11 boys and girls in an ongoing tournament. This has been well received by the children and has allowed them to practice the skills we have been working on in lessons in a game situation. Unfortunately, I am sad to have to inform you that ISA have cancelled all regional and national tournaments for the upcoming Spring Term. The recent skipping workshop: wow! Talking from a personal perspective, it was amazing! Who knew the tricks you could do with a simple skipping rope, or how tangled you could become while trying them? The staff and children loved the challenges, something to get everyone involved and excited. Mr Woodward even tried the handstand skill; the outcome wasn’t pretty but the children had a good giggle! Our extra-curricular activities have further developed a core aim this term - let’s explore our area and make the most of everything Copthill has to offer. The Friday Cross Country Club took a route towards Casewick and then across the fields towards the farm. During our adventure, in true Copthill style, Mr Nick Teesdale taught us some farming facts about measuring in hectares and also about the Roman villa that is under the field. We have also enjoyed some competitive games of Siege. The children always take great pride in teaching those new to Copthill about our unique game encompassing the Copthillelot Fort. As I write this review, Year 3 and 4 house matches were unfortunately postponed due to the weather but we used the time to enjoy some house dodgeball in the Hall instead. So the final week of term will be a sporty one: Year 3, Year 4 and Year 5/6 House matches topped off with the exciting Santa Fun Run. The Santa Fun Run to Lapland is on the horizon and the plans are looking good. It will be a festive-filled day of running and ticking off those miles to reach Santa and save Christmas! I’m glad we have the endurance machine (otherwise known as Mrs Schofield) on the staff team because there are not many of us to make that 145 miles. I think there may be a few sore teacher bodies on the last day of term!

Mrs Alcoran