Principal's welcome

A great team effort: staff, children and parents together

As directors of an organisation, much time is spent planning for possible events which might affect continuity in the future. 2020 has proved the value of that exercise, even if a world pandemic was not high on the probability scale this time last year! It would also be quite wrong to suggest we accurately predicted how events would unfold! However, what was never in doubt was the strength of the Copthill community to pull together as a great team and everyone has had a part to play. The children have greatly impressed me with their adaptability to new routines and ways of learning. The teaching staff, as always, have also taken on many new ways of teaching as well as new roles and routines. The admin staff have worked brilliantly without one of their team under difficult circumstances. Of course, we continue to send Mrs Flynn our best wishes. Music staff have kept on playing, sports staff have carried on until the whistle. Grounds staff have made new collection areas for everyone's safety and catering staff have provided us with their usual quality lunches. I remember seeing a quote once which said: “It is amazing how much you can accomplish when it doesn’t matter who gets the credit.” It is so true of any effective team; however, once in a while, there are other unsung heroes who play a vital role, never seek credit, but deserve more. Our cleaning staff Lainy, Sharon, Debbie, Diane and Elly have done an amazing job keeping the school clean and hygienic this term. Their role has always been important in a school environment but never more so than now and their great work throughout the day and evening has helped to play a vital role in keeping the school safe and functioning without major incident. Sadly, at the end of term, a very valued member of the team, Mrs Helen Day, will be retiring to start new adventures after teaching at Copthill for 18 years. The last few terms of her teaching career were perhaps not as she might have expected but, as always, she proved her passion for teaching could overcome any challenges. We wish Mrs Day all the very best for the future. Finally, parents - another vital part of the team. We hope you have been able to concentrate on your families and work commitments safe in the knowledge that quality education has continued throughout the last nine months and thank-you all, most sincerely, for helping in so many different ways to make the term so successful in such difficult circumstances. As I have already mentioned, the children have all been amazing this term and, while some activities have not been able to take place, teaching and learning has continued without pause. I wish the children and all the school community a very happy, if slightly unusual, Christmas. Best wishes

Mr Jonathan Teesdale


Copthill at the Musicals

With all the things thrown at them this year, our wonderful staff have performed miracles. As term ends, I wonder if the herculean efforts they have all put in all has sent them slightly bonkers: here they are performing musicals instead! From The Wizard of Oz to the kids from Fame, it’s quite remarkable what talent lies beneath those usually serious, professional, exteriors….

The Copthill Classes and their Teachers