Fleet Tracker

Established & proven vehicle tracking system

  • Comprehensive vehicle tracking system used by thousands of SMEs in the UK today
  • Reduce fuel usage & running costs
  • Improve efficiency & productivity


“At a glance” dashboard can be customised by selecting the appropriate widgets. Data within the widgets can be drilled down to provide a more detailed picture


An extensive reporting suite allows access to reports as and when required, including the facility to schedule certain reports which can be automatically sent

Alarms & Alerts

A comprehensive alarm suite allows management to configure alarms and be notified by email against key events such as speeding, entry/exit of geofences and more

Share Locations

Share live locations and journey history with third parties to provide them with more information and strengthen their confidence in your service


An extremely useful tool allowing administrators to search by any specific location and timeframe to understand when vehicles have driven through


Virtual geographic boundaries which can be drawn to fit any location to record when vehicles have passed through or ended their journeys at the geofenced location

Journey Playback

Replay a vehicle journey to understand at a glance the snail-trail. Colour coded icons display true speeding events through regularly updated 'road speed data'

System Heartbeat

FleetTracker offers complete peace of mind by providing an hourly system heartbeat when the vehicle is not in journey, confirming the location details 24/7/365

For a complete list of features download our Vehicle Tracking Guide.

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