The perception can sometimes be that telematics is the preserve of big business and large, complex fleets. It’s not the case though: for startups or SMEs, understanding how your vehicles are being used is often essential to growth.

It gives you insights into productivity, trends and exactly how efficient your business is in terms of time and money. Be clear on those parameters and there will be no brakes on your growth.

That’s why, in this Fleet Tracker Story, we’re looking at the The Motorhome Hire Franchise, an ambitious business with plans to grow fast and become a massive player in the leisure vehicle rental market in only five years.

Crystal Ball’s telematics are a fundamental aspect of the growth plan, delivering nationwide fleet asset management, safety and security for their customers and, crucially, giving the team at The Motorhome Hire Franchise the knowledge about their business that allows them to market themselves more effectively and create even more appealing offerings which will give them scope to grow.

It's the perfect example of how a modern, expanding business uses telematics not just to keep an eye on drivers, but to structure the way it operates and understand how to develop its offering still further.

On top of this of course, is using Crystal Ball telematics to look after very high value assets, which are being rented out week-in, week-out. It’s vital that this multi-million pound fleet is protected and also that downtime and turnaround between rentals is minimised.

If you’re a small business looking to expand, or have a high value fleet which needs looking after, Crystal Ball can help.

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