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One of the UK’s largest independent healthcare service providers, ERS Medical offer specialist transport services to customers from public and private sectors including the NHS and private healthcare organisations. With around 750-800 drivers and a number of operational staff, the business completes more than 1.5 million journeys a year.

The Challenge

ERS Medical were experiencing difficulties disputing insurance claims regarding road traffic incidents that their vehicles were involved in. The business required a telematics solution which offered a combined system of both fleet tracking and a forward-facing video camera, primarily to mitigate insurance claims, improve driver behaviour and ensure full visibility of the fleet.

Finding a fully integrated solution which provided a comprehensive tracking system with the additional value of a 3G HD dash cam was imperative. Initially project manager Rachael Collins approached their telematics provider; Masternaut, but it was unable to offer an integrated solution and instead proposed a standalone dash cam alongside the tracking system they already had in place. Unfortunately this did not the fit the bill and so Rachael decided to review the market in search of a more suitable solution.

We have been involved in numerous incidents since the installation of SmartCam and based on the video footage we have been in a position to challenge which party was liable.

Rachael Collins, Project Manager, ERS Medical

The Solution

Following comparative research of the telematics and dash cam market, ERS Medical made the decision to implement Crystal Ball’s multi award winning SmartCam solution; fully integrated fleet tracking and 3G HD dash cam. The determining factors were functionality, quality and price.

The main purpose of the Crystal Ball system for ERS Medical is to provide a comprehensive fleet tracking system with full visibility of the entire remote workforce. At the heart of SmartCam is Crystal Ball’s integrated FleetTracker solution, an established GPS tracking system offering live vehicle locations on detailed mapping along with historical data and a full reporting and alarm suite. ERS Medical utilise the tracking data on a daily basis to understand driver locations and plan the quickest routes to a destination based on continual traffic updates provided by the system.

Since implementation, SmartCam has become an integral part of ERS Medical’s insurance claim processing procedure. With the devices 3G functionality, when a vehicle is involved in a road traffic incident the business can provide their insurance company with FNOL (first notification of loss) by sending the footage generated by the device immediately at the time of incident directly to them. Providing this form of evidence is invaluable to the insurers when determining which party was at fault and significantly reduces claim processing times.

SmartCam’s driver behaviour feature has become an essential tool for ERS Medical’s in-house driver trainer. As the nature of the business involves transporting patients it is fundamental that the vehicles are driven with care and caution at all times. The videos generated by SmartCam provide a detailed insight into driving styles and behaviours such as harsh acceleration, braking and cornering. This has equipped the trainer with meaningful footage, providing a means of assessing this behaviour and carrying out further training to the relevant drivers. Driver league tables also assist by scoring each driver and ranking their driving performance, highlighting which driver needs further training.

The Outcome

The most beneficial aspect of Crystal Ball’s SmartCam solution has undoubtedly been the 3G HD forward-facing camera. The video events generated by the device have transformed the businesses claim processing procedures immensely by being able to immediately provide video evidence in the event of a road traffic incident and mitigating fault in many instances.

Rachael Collins, project manager at ERS Medical explains further: “SmartCam has enabled us to provide actual evidence for a RTA when mitigating liability. We have been involved in numerous incidents since the installation of SmartCam and based on the video footage we have been in a position to challenge which party was liable.

“Prior to installing SmartCam we had no choice but to accept 50/50 or full blame where liability was concerned as most accidents are not clear cut. Thankfully now we have a solution in place which safeguards our drivers by proving they were not to blame for certain collisions. As a result the business has won significantly more insurance claims, which will of course have a positive impact on our insurance premiums going forward.”

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