Integrating tracking, reporting and video so it becomes an essential element of your business can pay huge dividends in terms of improving driver standards and reducing costs.

For a company such as ERS Medical providing patient transport and medical courier services for the NHS, it is absolutely imperative it maintains the highest possible driving standards and operates its fleet efficiently.

So ERS Medical came to Crystal Ball, looking for us to provide a solution that could help it achieve these goals. What this meant was using tracking to see where all its vehicles were, using data to identify what exactly was going on when its staff were working and dash cam footage to understand incidents and improve its risk management and insurance profile.

A highly ambitious project which includes driver league tables and ongoing training and coaching for employees using SmartCam has resulted in some big improvements, and we are delighted to be able to work with ERS Medical to deliver these results, because it is operating in an environment where it is looking after vulnerable people, and ultimately our technology helps ERS to help those in need.

Raj Singh

Managing Director

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