Driver ID: keeping drivers on track

ERS Medical uses Crystal Ball's Driver ID to keep track of their employees.

Driver ID

SmartCam’s Driver ID feature allows administrators to identify which crew member is driving which vehicle. The audible alert which continues to prompt the driver to log in should they fail to do so has proven a further useful feature. Management can use the driver identification to effectively determine which driver is liable for fixed penalty notices and any other fines the business may receive.

Rachael explains how she has been impressed with the level of customer service they have experienced: “The customer service we have received has been excellent, there is always someone at the end of the phone who always seems very pleasant and happy to help. Crystal Ball have also demonstrated their willingness to develop the system based on our bespoke requests.

“After using the system for a couple of months it came to our attention that we would benefit from a custom report showing the percentage our vehicles have been utilised over a specified period of time. With this report we can now understand if vehicles can be used for any other purposes for the times they weren’t utilised, this ensures the fleet is utilised to its maximum in the best way possible.”

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