Life after Stamford

Our alumni are an integral part of our Stamford community.

So come and be part of a remarkable network.

It probably doesn’t seem possible at the moment that you might need help and advice on life, careers or travel. But one day you might, and like any good network, OS can help you with that, giving you a constant reference point in a fast-moving, ever-changing world.

The Stamford Endowed Schools’ community spans 12,000 former pupils, along with staff and parents, as well as current Stamfordians.

Through the Old Stamfordian network, we offer you lifelong support, guidance, advice, events and news to our community, so that when you leave Stamford, the community continues to benefit you.

Think of it as a worldwide group of people who ensure that wherever you go, and whatever you do, a small corner of your world will always be Stamford, and it will always be there to help you, personally and professionally.

If you’re heading to university, we’ll connect you with a member of the Old Stamfordian community at your university, so you know, even before you get there, there’ll be someone you know.

Not sure if a university is for you? Our OS University Reps can be called upon to give you a Stamfordian insight…

"Our family have come through a combination of all three Schools for three generations. Stamford has a real sense of belonging, even after leaving. I have met so many people through it who knew my aunt, father and grandfather."
Robyn Sinker (OS 10)

Tell us what you are up to!

We love to see photos and messages from Old Stamfordians wherever you are in the world, from Newark to New York.

Sharing what is happening in your world might open doors you didn’t know were possible…

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