Head''s News

As ever, we meet and overcome challenges together

This Christmas time, Year 3 began the Lower School Christmas celebration by sharing with us the true meaning of the season. The last time we were truly able to welcome the festivities with a live performance in our school hall was when those Year 3 children were in Year 1, and the world has changed a lot in those two years in a way that we could never have imagined. However, what has not changed is the Copthill spirit and the hope for our future that our children give us. Every term (every half-term!), I think to myself that perhaps the following weeks will not provide unprecedented challenges. Every term, I’m proved wrong! But I am never proved wrong in believing that the Copthill community will meet and overcome these challenges together. As I watched our Christmas performances this week, it was certainly hard to believe that, only three short weeks ago, COVID forced many of our children and staff to stay at home. As ever, every child, every member of staff and every family worked together to ensure that learning continued and the brightness of the Copthill spirit lit up the darkening days. I am incredibly grateful to you all for supporting the measures we had to put in place, once again, for the safety of our wider community. My heartfelt thanks go to every single member of the dedicated team of staff who work tirelessly to make sure that our children are at the heart of everything they do, no matter what the circumstance. And my sincere appreciation to the Directors who ensure that the Copthill vision remains foremost whatever decision has to be made. As you read this review, I am sure you will realise that, despite the ongoing pandemic, Copthill School endeavours to provide a safe space for our children to be what they should be… children.

Mrs Helen Schofield