Principal's welcome

Best wishes for a Happy Christmas and a more predictable 2022!

The end of another memorable term for the whole Copthill community. Reflecting back now on the busy weeks, it should be a source of immense satisfaction for all the staff, children and parents that so much has been achieved. Everyone has worked tirelessly to find practical ways to keep events going and try to keep a sense of normality despite the many challenges faced. There was a memorable two weeks in November when school life was far from ‘normal’! However the learning continued both in class and, for some, online. My sincere thanks to all the staff for their stoicism and professionalism throughout and not just in the classroom. At the end of a long teaching day, they continue to provide an extensive range of exciting after-school activities, often out in the darkness at this time of year! Sadly we will be saying farewell to a number of members of this amazing team. Sarah McAlindon is retiring as Head of Music and our thanks for her tireless enthusiasm with the children and music staff. Ben Woodward, Sports Assistant, is also leaving to take up a new career and we wish him all the very best for the future. Finally, Pen Ward from the catering team, will be retiring after 17 years helping to provide our delicious lunches. I am sure she is now ready for a well-deserved rest! The children really have been a credit, adapting to the changes and smiling through the occasional disappointments of the cancellation of some events. Frustrating as it is, from a character-building point of view, these are all vital life lessons they are learning. They have embraced the daily learning experiences and range of opportunities and we wish them all a magical Christmas. Our sincere thanks again to all parents who have supported the staff and school in the interest of all the children and the school community over this busy term. We wish you all a very happy Christmas and, let’s hope, a more predictable 2022!

Mr Jonathan Teesdale


Children In Need Day at Copthill