Welcome to the first in a series of SmartCam Stories – an innovative new interactive magazine that gives you insight into the issues faced by fleets, and how we at Crystal Ball have worked with them to solve very specific business problems.

I came up with the concept of SmartCam four years ago, of a product which integrated every telematics and communication technology a business would need into one package, and now, having been on the market for the past two years we can start telling the stories of how it has helped revolutionise our customers’ fleets.

Through our various award winning technologies, we’re able to gain an unparalleled level knowledge of what’s going on with our clients’ fleets and drivers – as you’ll see from compelling on-the-road video footage in this case study.

State-of-the-art dash cams linked to detailed telematics, all reporting in real-time back to the customers operations centre creates a complete picture of your on-road operations so that never again will there be a moment where there’s doubt about what has occurred, or who was at fault.

As a result, we’ve seen tremendous savings for our clients in terms of time and money across insurance, fuel, wear and tear and business operation, and these successes are something we wanted to share, because we believe no other company is fully integrating dash cam footage to location, speed, time and exceptional manoeuvres at this granular level of detail.

In this case study, we show how Primo Drinks, a major wholesaler in the North of England, has been able to claim quickly after no-fault accidents, reduce stock breakages, run vehicles longer and safer and make savings in its fleet running costs.

I firmly believe nobody matches the innovation of Crystal Ball’s SmartCam and associated technologies, which is why we’ve taken the step of creating these equally innovative digital case studies, showing we are a company that thinks originally and creates incredible new products for businesses.

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Enjoy the magazine

Raj Singh

Managing Director

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