SMC Digital Publishing

Brilliantly innovative and interactive, fascinating, useful, and very pretty too.

SMC has developed a digital publishing offering that is a leap forward from the dull old templated click-throughs and awkward flippy-flappy PDdfs you might often see. Finally digital publishing has come of age: a joyful, friendly and intuitive way to delight your customers and contacts.


A bit of everything, a lot of great things (even if we say so ourselves!)

Whether it's copywriting, advertising, public relations, contract publishing in print or digital, creative ideas or event planning and logistics, we have been working in the automotive and lifestyle sectors for nearly 20 years for major publishers and brands, creating memorable content for magazines, websites and campaigns.

Run by Steve Moody and Matt Tarrant, SMC has a plethora of experts, colleagues and mates in every field to call on, to create a bespoke team that fulfils your needs, from stunning images and beautifully formed words, to innovative new ways of getting that content to your chosen audience.

It’s like Avengers Assemble, but for content, and it means we can hand pick a team that suits your requirements. It means you’re only paying for what need you too. Handy.