Around the School

Recently we welcomed back many former members of Copthill staff to celebrate a Golden Anniversary Coffee Morning, hosted by Mrs Teesdale Snr. They were entertained by the children of Lower School and Upper School, who sang beautifully and proudly, and then they were offered tours of our school by Year 6 guides.  

It is our Year 6 children who know our school best and I am always proud when visitors comment on the genuine warmth of their feelings and the loyalty they show when they talk about their school.  

Copthill School is a very different place to the one in which many of Mrs Teesdale Snr’s former colleagues worked, but it is the children who are the heartbeat of a school and I hope that, in another 50 years’ time, the Copthill children of today smile when they think back to their time here just as our visitors did last week.  

As always, many memories have been made this term and I hope they are fittingly encapsulated in this review.

Enjoy looking back over Spring Term 2019.

Mrs Helen Schofield


The Copthill Golden Coffee Morning

An Academic Review

Over the last couple of terms we have been trialling a new marking and feedback policy across the school from Reception to Year 6. It has been highly successful in helping the children to learn where they have made mistakes and what they can do in order to take their learning to the next level, ensuring that they make excellent progress across all curriculum areas.

The Year 5 and 6 pupils provided a highly informative and entertaining assembly modelling the different ways that teachers and their peers can assist in helping all pupils to fulfil their potential. Some humorous role play activities demonstrated the different forms of marking to the staff and pupils. The children have been introduced to a series of new symbols that are being used by teachers when marking their work. Wall displays in every classroom remind the children of the meaning of these symbols.

They have also been marking each other’s work through peer marking, developing lifelong skills in positive and constructive feedback. Teachers have been evaluating the quality of verbal feedback that they provide to individuals.

A new self-evaluation system has also been put in place where children are encouraged to provide an insight into how they feel that they have done. To date, everyone is finding the new system of marking and feedback positive and successful.

Mrs Dimbleby