50 Years of Copthill School

Our Golden Anniversary year is well underway! We have nearly finished our tree planting project with every pupil from Nursery to Year 6. In 25 years’ time, we hope they may return to visit and they will find a new generation of children enjoying the Anniversary Woods they all helped to create.

Part of the fun of celebrating any form of anniversary is the opportunity it provides to reflect on memories from the past. Recently we had a wonderful morning sharing happy memories with former staff – events, children, facilities all came flooding back in conversations.

With the general publicity surrounding our 50th we have had lots of emails and contact from former pupils and it has been so interesting to hear what they are all up to and the successful careers they have embarked upon. Knowing them well as pupils over the years meant that many of their careers do not come as a surprise - however the occasional one does!

It is always so reassuring to hear their happy memories of Copthill and as often in life it is never quite truly appreciated until after it is over! We are hoping to catch up with many more former pupils at the various events planned over the Summer Term, including the Stampede, and it will be wonderful to see them all again.

Some Reminder Dates
The Copthill Stampede will also be a golden one this year, taking place for all our existing parents and children (Year 3 and above) on Sunday 19th May, organised by the CPSC. We are also inviting former Copthill pupils (particularly aimed at the young and fit who are still at secondary school) to join us for the challenge and the fun of the event. We hope that former pupils and parents will either run or spectate and enjoy an informal opportunity to look around the school.

On Thursday 13th June, all present parents are invited to join us for the afternoon as Copthill hosts our Founders’ Day. Every child will be performing, taking us on a musical journey through the last 5 decades. There will be a chance to see their displays in the marquee. Refreshments will be served. This will be followed in the evening by the annual Year 5 & 6 CPSC Disco.

The evening of Friday 14th June, the Teesdale family will be hosting a drinks and canapés party for all current parents and staff. We hope you have all received your invitations and hope many of you will be able to join us to celebrate this special occasion.

On Saturday 15th June, there will be a Golden Evening for former pupils and their parents. We look forward to catching up with past pupils and parents in a very informal ‘Copthill style’!

Further events are provisionally planned for the autumn too, including a whole school sponsored walk in September. In addition, the CPSC and school have commissioned a Sophie Allport mug and a Katie Cardew print to commemorate the year, and these will be available to purchase next term.

Mr Jonathon Teesdale


We’ve been telling the world about our fabulous school!

Over the past few months, we’ve been engaged in a comprehensive review of all our communication to both you, our current parents, friends and families, and prospective ones too.

As you know, we believe communicating with you regularly and clearly about everything that is going on is very important, and these projects are central to all of this. Obviously, you’ll have seen our digital newsletters (you’re reading it!) which tells you lots about what your children have been up to over the previous term, but we’re also rebuilding our website too and before the summer term it will get a swish new look so that it’s easier for you to find all the crucial information you need.

We’ve also produced a new prospectus to show potential new children and their parents our school, and it includes some lovely graphics and a map, made especially for us by local illustrator Annie Shrive, to give a feel for the unique things we offer here.

Mrs Westwood