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When the ordinary turns out to be extraordinary

Dear Parents This weekend, the clocks move forward an hour. Perhaps you have seen the comment being frequently shared across messaging and social media platforms that it would be good if we could move the clocks forward a few months instead.

As my video message earlier this week explained, these are strange days. School is certainly a strange place to be and I’m sure home is too for all of you as we try to adapt to a new routine and find a new ‘normal’ for now.

This review, however, gives us all an opportunity to turn the clock back.

I encourage you to spend a few precious moments together with your family, reminiscing about the learning that has taken place in school, the activities that have been enjoyed, the challenges that have been overcome, the achievements that have been celebrated and the time we spent together.

I hope this review will also serve as a reminder of what ‘normal’ is and a message that this ‘normal’ will return. As Mr Teesdale and I wrote in a message to staff when school closures were announced, Copthill School has never experienced a term quite like this one - and that is certainly saying something for Copthill!

We will be back together in person but perhaps we will then realise that the learning adventures we consider to be ordinary at Copthill, are, in fact, quite extraordinary.

For that I am truly grateful to all of our children, my colleagues and every one of you who makes up the Copthill School community. Thank you.

Mrs Helen Schofield


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