Copthill: a source of stability and continuity for you and your family

Dear Parents,

After 25 years of writing end of term newsletters, I realise we write this one in unprecedented times. School for all pupils and parents has always remained a source of stability and continuity throughout the school year, with each term having an important part in that educational cycle.

This cycle has presently been suspended leaving many uncertainties and anxieties for the whole school community. The ISA, our school association, has been a great source of support over the years and there has always been a headteacher colleague, who has had previous experience of a situation, to offer wise advice.

For this particular situation, there is no such past experience to draw upon for any school and we therefore continue to talk, support and empathise with each other, as we all do our very best to lead and manage our schools in the short and long term. The Directors and senior staff would like to reassure you that we will continue to do our very best in the interest of every person in the Copthill community.

I would like to thank all the staff for the way they have supported each other, both professionally and pastorally, over the last few weeks. As always, their passion for providing education meant there was no doubt that they would ‘roll up their sleeves’ and embrace the concept of home learning. We realise that this now places additional burdens on parents over the coming weeks and I know they will continue to do all they can to support you and the children.

I would personally like to thank you all for the many kind words and cards of condolence since the sad death of my father and the school’s co-founder John Teesdale. He was always a constant source of practical advice and support as the school has grown and flourished. Having trained to join the navy, he would often recount his experience of navy discipline in case it would be of any use in my role as Headteacher and Principal!

As a lifelong farmer, he also often pointed out the practical similarities between running a dairy herd and a school! There is no question that Copthill would not have started or indeed have celebrated 50 successful years without his unceasing support for Anne Teesdale Snr and her vision.

I will use his example to remind pupils at every opportunity in the years to come that, living by his simple values of hard work, adaptability and loyalty, great things can be achieved.

We wish you all a very safe and Happy Easter.

With best wishes

Mr Jonathan Teesdale


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