About Crystal Ball

We're not just a vehicle tracking solution. At Crystal Ball we go outside of the confines of the vehicle, to give companies a 360 degree view of their remote workforce performance through our mobile phone tracking and field service management apps.

We remove the expense of having several dispersed solutions to solve the problems of lone working protection, vehicle tracking and field service management by merging them in one single easy to use workforce management platform. 

Multi Award-Winning Fleet Tracking and 3G HD Dash Cam

Assess and improve driver behaviour with excellent HD 1080p video recording quality

3G capability immediately uploads video events providing invaluable evidence for insurance claims

Improve productivity and reduce running costs with a fully integrated and established GPS vehicle tracking solution 

Multi Award-Winning Vehicle, Camera & Mobile Tracking Systems

A single platform for all your workforce management needs:

Reduce costs with Vehicle Tracking

Improve Driver Behaviour with In-Vehicle Cameras

Increase productivity with Mobile Tracking

Ensure safety with Lone Worker Protection

Boost efficiency with Field Service Management

Improve the visibility of your mobile workforce, because you can't manage, what you don't measure.

Combat rising fuel costs

Measure private & business mileage, identify MPG inefficiency, reduce excessive idling and eliminate fuelcard abuse to greatly reduce you fuel costs.

Improve driver behaviour

Event-generated HD videos are immediately received using mobile connectivity, allowing management to identify, manage and improve employees driver behaviour. 

Discover the truth about your fleet

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