The 50th End of Year newsletter (or maybe the 49th!)

The end of another busy year approaches. I’m not sure if there was an end of year newsletter written for Copthill Nursery back in 1969, however it is fair to say that there have been a considerable number written over the last 50 years!

All will have remarked on the considerable achievements of the generations of pupils who have attended; all will have commented on the wide range of music, sports, drama and other activities in which the children have taken part; all will have praised the confidence, manners and social skills of the pupils of all ages; all will have thanked the many professional staff who have worked here over the years for their dedication and hard work.

These important factors have been at the heart of a Copthill education throughout the 50 years and will of course remain so for the future. Despite the numerous and continuing developments and changes over this time, the ethos and high standards remain as the vital ‘bedrock’ and my thanks to all the current staff and management team for continuing to ensure these vital ingredients continue to flourish today.

To celebrate our 50th anniversary we held events for past staff, our younger Old Copthillians, our present pupils and parents and finally our former parents and Old Copthillians.

We have been overwhelmed with the response from past parents and pupils who have visited or been in touch. It has been wonderful to talk to so many pupils and realise what special memories they all had of their years at Copthill. Memories of lessons, plays, sports, campovers, outings and most importantly teachers and friends. It was also rewarding to hear of the successful careers past pupils are now embarked upon, and also how many have made lifelong friendships during their time here.

A new set of Year 6 now leave us for the next stage of their educational adventures and we wish them all the very best for the future. It has been a hugely rewarding and successful year and we look forward to continuing success in 2019-20!

Mr Jonathon Teesdale