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Wherever the journey takes us, it is one we are all on together

Today has been one of those typical Copthill days when you can’t help but smile. This afternoon, I don’t think there was a single child in an indoor classroom - all learning was taking place outside. From our Nursery and Pre-School children tending to their crops in their Early Years garden to the Year 6 children competing in their house matches, every outdoor experience was embraced with our children’s customary energy and enthusiasm - and, of course, that of their tireless teachers too. Anyone enjoying a spring stroll in the sunshine down the riverbank on the other side of the bridge, must have had to stop to do a double take as Year 4 Viking warriors rowed their longship down the river and Year 3 Celtic villagers went about their daily chores. That is what makes Copthill Copthill … and that is what is difficult to replicate via a computer or tablet. However, I am incredibly proud of all that the Copthill community achieved together during the 8 weeks when school was supposedly ‘closed’. School wasn’t closed. Learning didn’t stop. In fact, we all learned so much in so many different ways. The insatiable curiosity of the children, the ingenious creativity of the teachers and the unwavering support of you all at home meant that learning continued unabated. For that, I thank you all. However, nothing beats a day at Copthill School. Our Year 6 children now know their secondary school destinations, having all been offered a place at the school of their choice, 9 with offers of academic or music scholarships. The past 12 months of their educational journey has not been what was expected, as has been the case for all of our children, but they have made different memories and gained different skills which will stand them in good stead for whatever their future holds. Our youngest children will follow in their footsteps despite not having yet had the opportunity to share an assembly with all the older children. However, our vision explains that we want to ‘instil in our children the curiosity, excitement, desire and drive to be lifelong learners, seizing every opportunity to pursue their dreams and to write their own success stories at each stage of their journey’ - that is our aim, whatever unexpected route that journey might take.

Mrs Helen Schofield


Lockdown Learning!