Lower School

The corridors are buzzing with chatter and laughter again!

Golly it’s been a year since we first went into lockdown and I am sure many of us didn’t expect it to last this long but we have just had the best 4 weeks in Lower School - the reason is that we are back! The corridors are buzzing with chatter and the children are so happy to be back with their friends, haring around the playgrounds and fields enjoying the first few days of Spring. The children have slipped back into their routine with ease and it seems they have never been away! Since the beginning of the most recent lockdown back in January, the teachers have commented how brilliantly the children and their families have coped with the online learning and the foot was never taken off the pedal so a huge thank you to all for all the support, encouragement and energy you showed us. The teachers dressed up as fairies, chefs, Celts and witches to help raise everyone’s spirits and bring lessons to life for the children - but it is much easier to have the children back with us! ‘Snow Day’ brought a rare change to the days and it was wonderful to receive so many photos and videos of the children enjoying real family time and grown-ups being parents rather than teachers; for a day or two the equilibrium was restored! The week before we returned to school it was not only ‘World Maths Day’ but ‘World Book Day’ in the same week! These were online affairs and the teachers and children embraced both days. Zoom calls were held and everyone was invited to dress up as their favourite book character. Book titles ranged from Roald Dahl’s ‘The Twits’ to David Walliams’s ‘Gangsta Granny’; it certainly made a change to the daily Zoom lessons! On our return to the school building, the days are now filled with lessons indoors and outdoors, assemblies, Forest School sessions and, most importantly, playtimes! We have been blown away by the resilience of the children and how keen they are to learn and embrace the curriculum. Thank you to you all for supporting Comic Relief and raising over £300, creating wild and wonderful hair styles - some of us didn’t need to try too hard; April 12th can’t come fast enough! The term has ended with house matches and, of course, the Easter egg hunt for everyone in this glorious sunshine. The summer term is approaching and there are dates already in the calendar so maybe, dare I say it, normality is returning! I cannot begin to say how grateful we are to all of our parents. You have taken on roles you haven’t expected but your children are a credit to you. They have upheld their Copthill values and it has been an absolute pleasure to have them back. On behalf of the Lower School staff, please have a lovely Easter break, enjoy the rest and, just think, you will have them at home but this time you don’t have to turn on a screen!

Mrs Teesdale

Lower School Leader Pastoral

Hearts, Flowers and New Beginnings!

Our Lower School children have been fascinated by all the spring changes. It is remarkable to watch a simple bean seed germinate in a jam jar or to notice a sudden splash of colour created by an explosion of flowers and early tree blossom. This turns my mind to a particularly excited little boy who ran into school, desperate to tell his classmates about the arrival of three ducks in his garden. He told us tales of their intricate and industrious nest building and the laying of fifteen eggs. He was in awe of the promise of little fluffy ducklings and the concern for their welfare was paramount in his mind! We were all excited to think of these new lives beginning and hopeful for the chances ahead for them. The learning opportunities that have stemmed from one simple, natural occurrence has been astonishing. The way that a child can look so intently and ask questions about simple natural things that we as adults take for granted is very humbling. Our Copthill vision statement emphasises putting ‘the child at the heart of their education’. Whether we have been learning remotely or in school, the teachers have planned activities through the children’s interests and strengths. As a result of this careful planning, the children have remained engaged and enthused and are making good progress. We are incredibly grateful for the hard work of all our parents in supporting remote learning so well. We are proud of all the achievements and look forward to seeing everyone thrive as Copthill Learners throughout the year. Easter is a time for hope, new life and fresh beginnings. Everyone is hopeful for a return to ‘normal’. Our Reception and Year 1 children have only ever known school as it is currently. They have been placed at the heart of their learning and because of this have had a full, rich and engaging learning experience. Nearly half of our Lower School children have yet to experience sports days, school trips and mixing with the rest of the school for house events and assemblies. What an exciting future they have in store for them! As we reflect on last term and anticipate the next, we look forward to meeting friends and relatives once again and to the safe arrival of those fifteen little ducklings!

Mrs Dimbleby

Academic Head of Lower School



Welcome Back to Reception!

The children were so delighted to be back at school on Monday and there were a lot of happy faces entering school that morning.


Easter Surprises!

We have had an amazing week in Reception full of Easter activities! We have made Easter cards and chocolate nests and even solved some number bond egg problems in maths.



Islands and flags…

With our ‘Awesome Adventures’ topic drawing to a close, Year 1 have been busy planning, building and creating their own fantasy islands!


Welcome Back Year 1!

We have loved having the children back in the classroom filling the corridors with laughter and excitement!



Habitats and Hunting!

This week has flown by and we are making the most of the gorgeous weather and not having to wear our scarves, hats and gloves for Forest School!


Sunshine and Senses!

How the weeks are flying! Before we know it, the Easter Bunny will be on his way and the sunshine will hopefully be a permanent feature in the sky!



Yipeee We’re Back

Hooray we’re all back and raring to go for the rest of the term! It’s great to see everyone and listening to the excited chatter of the children and staff too!