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Memories to make, and to cherish

At their Celebration and Leavers’ Assembly this week, Year 6 children performed a beautiful and moving rendition of ‘Memories’ by Maroon 5 and shared their personal memories of their time at Copthill. They sang the words:

“There's a time that I remember...

“When I believed in forever, and everything would stay the same.”

But not everything does stay the same.

When I first started teaching here at Copthill School, one of the first projects I carried out with the incredible team of staff was to decide upon the knowledge, skills and attitudes we strongly believed children would need to be happy and successful adults. Back then, we tried to imagine what the world would look like in 2020 - but no-one predicted that one correctly!

We defined what you now know as the Copthill Learner - a responsible citizen, team player, independent explorer, problem solver, creative thinker and reflective learner.

What does stay the same through the passing of time is the huge importance of those characteristics and of our three school rules - be responsible, be respectful, be reflective. These values are constants and are very important for happiness and success in adult life.

Our school vision emphasises the importance of childhood - we want to put the child at the heart of your education. Childhood memories, the memories made at Copthill, will be very significant as our children grow to adulthood.

I hope our Year 6 Leavers have made memories that they can cherish throughout their lives. Our younger children will continue to make these memories as they move through their school.

Some of those memories are encapsulated within this review. Sit back, relax and remember …

Mrs Helen Schofield


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Year 6 leavers