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We finished with a 'Bang!'

As I am sitting in the Music Room writing this and my time as Acting Head of Music draws to a close, I feel thankful to be able to reflect upon what has been an extremely busy, full term of music making with much delight and happiness.

Kicking us off in style, the Summer Term began with 'Arts Week'. Bringing the whole school together with an amazing art project, co-ordinated by the talents of Miss Gardner and Mrs Donaldson, 'What a Wonderful World' showcased House sculptures and exceptional artwork by all of our Copthill children, from Pre-School to Year 6.

It was generously supported by parents raising £XXXX for the Woodland Trust, as part of the Queen's Green Canopy Project. It was then the turn of our young musicians, who took centre stage for the Copthill Music Competition; the first time the event has been able to be held in three years, and this year also incorporated the school's very first Drama Festival.

Opened by a short Ensembles Concert featuring a variety of repertoire, and which truly brought the theme of 'What a Wonderful World' to life, it was fantastic to see our young musicians performing in a more formal setting and it inspired everyone involved.

If your child didn't feel quite ready to perform in it this year, then please do encourage them to have a go in 2023, or try one of the many other performance opportunities available.

It was then full steam ahead to the penultimate week of the term, as our dedicated team of peripatetic teachers prepared no less than 73 instrumental and drama students for their ABRSM Practical and Lamda Exams. The children achieved an outstanding set of results, and a number of them also gained success in ABRSM Theory Exams too. Congratulations to all!

If that wasn't enough, in the same week came the Year 6 play, 'Chitty Chitty Bang Bang'. A firm family favourite, the children did not fail to entertain us through song and dance, with ‘Bombie Samba' stealing the whole show with dance moves that had never been seen before, and I'm not sure will ever be seen again!

The whole cast worked hard to deliver what was a truly spectacular show from start to finish, ensuring they all went out with a 'Bang'!

In curriculum music, children have continued to be inspired through a wide range of topics while further developing musical skills. To highlight but a few, 'Woodland Fairies' have inspired our youngest learners to explore a variety of classroom percussion instruments, composing their very own music for fairies to dance to, while Year 5 embraced the challenge of using Soundtrap, enabling them to compose their very own 'film music' and soundscapes. It utilised a range of musical skills, allowing them to apply their knowledge to select appropriate sounds and rhythmic loops to overlay on top of each other with amazing results.

One of the highlights for Year 2 this term was going on an African safari through the school grounds. Children mimicked sounds of the animals and played rhythms on the djembe drum to accompany their adventure.

The Year 3 children thoroughly enjoyed linking their English topic of onomatopoeias to music by making all sorts of sounds using a variety of objects and instruments, then creating their own onomatopoeia to explain the sound that was made. It was a noisy time in the music room!

As the Music Department has to sadly say goodbye to many musically talented pupils this term, I would like to take this opportunity of thanking them for all they have given to the school.

Through their music, whether it be as a soloist or a member of an ensemble, they have spread much happiness across the school through their music making, and I am sure everyone will join me in wishing them all the best of luck in their future musical endeavours, wherever it takes them!

In the words of Plato: “Music is a moral law. It gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, a charm to sadness, gaiety and life to everything.” And as our Music Department can now look ahead to an exciting new chapter, there are no better words to finish on other than wishing you all a wonderful summer!

Mrs Bidwell


Chitty Chitty Bang Bang