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Eating eyeballs, learning about conservation and driving Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

As the summer term draws to a close, it is time to reflect on the memories and learning that we have shared over a year that has seen us return to a more normal routine after the struggles of the previous two years.

We are so grateful for the many opportunities we have had this term, including the legendary Stampede, sports days, residential trips, campovers, and numerous sports fixtures against other schools.

It’s amazing to think Year 4 are still standing after a term full of so much excitement, which has included river walks, rope-bridge creations in the woods (which really tested their stamina and courage), and even wool spinning! They have been market trading, selling clay necklaces they made in art lessons, as well as baking their very own bread.

On a warm summer evening in June, they also experienced an amazing Copthill campover, pitching their own tents, decorating their own tribal settlement flags and cooking dinner over the fire - perfection!

Year 4 also learnt a great deal about sustainability, travelling to Vine House Farm to visit a wind turbine and after carrying out research, writing letters to developers about the proposed solar farm planned for Mallard Pass.

Children’s author Judy Brulow gave a talk about her books and through this, the children held a Zoom meeting with Jigme Tshering, a conservationist in Bhutan, to learn about the vulnerable black-neck crane.

This term’s topic has seen Year 5 travelling back in time to the Victorian era, exploring all the incredible inventions the Victorians developed which continue to shape our world today.

Additionally, both Year 5 and 6 had the opportunity to experience Shakespeare’s ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ when The Young Shakespeare Company visited to put on a truly amazing performance.

“The course of true love never did run smooth…” rang through the corridors as the children spent the next few English lessons learning and acting their own scenes, and analysing the characters and language.

We were also delighted that we could go ahead with our Year 5 bushcraft residential, where the children truly immersed themselves in nature, putting on camouflage, learning how to make traps, discovering survival first-aid and how to make fires. Some even tried eating fish eyeballs! It was an experience they’re sure to remember for years to come (and not just the eyeballs).

For Year 6, the Anglesey residential trip was an incredible highlight. The children relished the opportunities to stretch themselves beyond what they believed they were capable of while taking part in paddle-boarding, abseiling, rock-climbing and coasteering (including cliff jumping into the sea). All in the beautiful surroundings of the wild Welsh coast.

Another unforgettable memory for this term has to be the incredible production of ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’, performed by Year 6. After months of preparation, planning and rehearsals full of hard work and fun, we watched our Year 6’s take to the stage in role as Caractacus Potts, Truly Scrumptious, Jemima and Jeremy Potts, the Child Catcher and the rest of the cast to play out the tale of the old Grand Prix car turned into a magical flying vehicle that transports our heroes to the kingdom of Vulgaria, ruled by the tyrant Baron Bomburst.

For Year 6, another door is opening and new adventures arising as they embark on the next stage of their educational journey. We are so proud of the kind, independent, curious Copthill Learners they have become. We know that they will ‘fly and touch the sky’ as they embrace their new adventures and we wish them all the best, hoping that they remember that they will always be part of the Copthill family.

Mr Willson



Reduce Reuse and Recycle

Reduce, reuse, recycle. 4H Turning tin pots into flower pots with plenty of drainage holes! Filled with compost from school kitchen waste. Planting nasturtiums seeds.


Brulo, Bhutan and the Black-Necked Cranes

Year 4 enjoyed a brilliant visit from the author Judy Brulo whose new book links in with our ‘Window on the World’ topic that focuses on conservation and protection of species.

YEAR 5 & 6


Some French Sports for Year 6

Year 6 embracing the more traditional French sports, it was all about Pétanque today! The children learnt about the popularity of the game in France and then had a go at applying the rules in some friendly (but very competitive) matches outside in the sunshine.


Oakham Cricket Masterclass

The inaugural event took place on Oakham’s 1st XI cricket field and ‘Welsh Fire’ superstar Fi Morris was the lead coach for the afternoon’s activities. We were lucky to be one of three schools who were invited and we took along 11 Year 5&6 girls to experience the event.

Year 4 Campover 2022

Year 5 Bushcraft 2022

Year 6 Angelsey tour 2022